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AI is unable to climb on solar tower
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The AI is unable to climb on solar tower and walk if you command them to take a position for example #2 they walk through the wall at the lader and get stuck. {F21964} {F21965} {F21966} {F21967}


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  1. Command a AI as squad leader to take a position on a solar tower

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Solar tower?

Can we please get a coordinate and optional a screenshot of the tower?

oukej added a comment.Feb 27 2014, 6:46 PM

Is this still valid? I was able to make the AI climb up and take the position on the top of the tower.

Uploaded a picture.
It's pretty obvious.
It's a tower, and it has "SOLAR" written all over it.
What other building could possibly fit the description "Solar Tower"?

Grumpy, I think not my question is the key now, but the one of oukej.

I tried to get a squadmember to climb up the tower before posting my previous comment. It never showed the building positions, so I guess it's still valid. ;)
Uploaded a few pictures, as you can see there's no position indicator showing up, not even when I try to get a better line of sight to the tower.
See that the position indicator is showing up just fine on the last pic using a different building.

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413X added a comment.Feb 28 2014, 1:24 AM

The issue is still valid. I tried this yesterday when I wanted to place snipers up there, but they just glitched out near the ladder on the 2nd floor (after climbing 1 ladder).

This has been already fixed. Thank you for helping us make the game better!