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Game Freeze Crashing - 0.77.109860
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Devbranch update 0.77.109860
Experiencing Freeze-crash shortly after mission start or editor preview.
Game freezes and I must turn off the machine.
I have had 4 of the same crashes in the last half hour, one of which displayed a BSOD.


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Unable To Duplicate
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the Editor or mission (In my case Jesters Altis Showcase)
  2. Insert a Rifleman as Player
  3. Click on the Preview button.
  4. Shoot from the main weapon and observe there is no sound effect.
Additional Information

I am running a fairly old system, so there is a possibility that it is hardware related. Up until this point I don't remember having a freeze crash so consistently on starting ARMA.

I will carry on testing for any.

NVidia Drivers: 326.80 beta

W860CU Laptop Base | Win7 64bit | Core i7 Q720 1.60ghz | 8GB | Geforce GTX260M | SSD 256GB 830

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.bidmp and .mdmp files were not created? These files should be created with .rpt file after every crash.

Strangely no, they didn't appear in my dump folder.

So I have played for the last few hours with no crash. Tested with the same missions and editor situations. The only change I made was reducing the view distance from est 4600 to 2100. Not sure which part of my hardware the view distance draws most, but usually bsods are down to low/faulty RAM.

zelorc added a subscriber: zelorc.May 7 2016, 4:33 PM

No details yet to give people, but on DEV version 0.77.109860 over to last two days my PC just Freezes/Crashes the only way to get back is to reboot my PC, not great help I know but I think somethings not right.....

Haven't had a repeat issue, therefore probably a hardware issue; closing.