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M2A1 Slammer rounds not able to blow armour unit
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Using M2A1 Slammer I tried to blow some empty armour in editor, but none of ammo (HE or standard) were able to dammage them seriously (maybe out of order but never blow).

I find it strange and I suppose it is a bug...


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just try in editor to blow an empty armour, i was not able...
Only IFRIT and chopper were blown

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I already noticed it with other armour, but I thought it was related to their firepower maybe lower than M2A1 Slammer.

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Have you checked how much the components and people inside the vehicle take damage from "standard" rounds?

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Not personnaly, never been to war hopefully ! :)
Seriously, I did not enter the armour after having shooting it.

But I would expect him to detonate... If I remember well gulf war, armour are exploding when hit by this kind of ammo.

But I am not an expert so...

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T-72 could be cooked off because ammunition were stored on floor unprotected. So you penetrated the armor and caused fire inside compartment you had change to cause shells to explode and then whole turret could fly off. It is famous for T-72 from media but it rarely happened and when did crew had time to get out safely.

Same thing is today with Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams if you hit to correct location, but damages are severely limited because special blow doors what causes the explosion to expand outside instead inside (as long arrow did not penetrate ammo rack when loader is loading and door is open at that moment.

It is just false believe that when an MBT is shot it blows up, or even that APC always blows up.
Firing a APFSDS to APC most likely does nothing than arrow just penetrate the thin armor without even causing severe spalling to injure crew, infantry or gear.
Instead HE shell can be more serious as it blows the whole armor edge causing severe spalling on large area injuring or killing crew and infantry.
HEAT again penetrates more likely well (especially tandem) and the copper spreads well inside as well.

Fuel trucks and other (like HEMTT) unarmored would blow up with HE easily but again APFSDS would just penetrate like hot knife on butter doing little if at all damage unless you hit directly to critical part (like engine block).

It is different story when APFSDS is fired against MBT or other heavily armored vehicle as just hitting them does not cause severe damage unless you get penetration and then hit something critical behind armor. More likely causing just leak of somekind, possible fire if something.

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OK thx for details.
Could be there is no bug if I understood.

So I ll check how it feels inside when shot with differents kind of ammo.

Anyway I was surprised that a static flying chopper hit by the ammo still fly without any appearent damage... (yes playing with editor like a child in the sand :) )
Also the armour vehicle did not looked damaged after shoots...
That's why I found it hard to believe.

Maybe it is just a graphic bug

PS :
shooting building with HE resulted also in no apparent damage...

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