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T-100 Varsuk have relatively poor maneuverability
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The Field Manual says that T-100 " lower, lighter, with increased maneuverability" but in game it have very poor maneuverability compared to M2A1 Slammer, which is bigger (probably heavier) but have almost exceptional maneuverability (not to mention more powerful gun with higher rate of fire, ability to carry up to 6 soldiers and coaxial MG). It feels like config files were mistakenly swapped or something. :)

So, probably, maneuverability of T-100 Varsuk should be increased in order to meet it's description.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place T-100 Varsuk and M2A1 Slammer.
  2. Get in one of them.
  3. Reach maximum speed and try to make a turn.
  4. Notice that T-100 have significantly slower track traverse speed.

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It's more maneuverable than the T-95, not the Slammer.

Maybe you're right, but huge, heavy and powerful Slammer just can't be more maneuverable than light and fast T-100, it makes no sense. IMHO, of course.

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