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More building variety
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Many of the buildings in Altis and stratis are too uniform, and look untouched by time. Looking at Kavala on Altis, as amazing as it is, the first thing I notice is the sea of red roofs and uninhabited looking cookie cutter buildings. While a small town may have similar buildings, (as seen in the real life comparison images of Greek towns) I can't imagine a city of Kavala's size was built in such a short span of time by the same contractors to the point where every single building looks newly built and exactly the same. Even something as simple as adding a few building types with different colored roofs, or faded paint, or cracked wallpaper, etc. would do wonders for immersion and visual appeal.


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Considering what they have achieved with Altis, and existing issues with the way the game plays I'm not sure this should be a priority. And when i'm getting shot at i'm not sure I care if the wallpaper is aged.

Downvoted simply because some people can never be satisfied. My two cents.