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Jet Pilot Helmet must have integral NVG
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I just check that the pilot helmet is a modern type, like the une used in the EF2000 or other modern jets. That kind of helmets had integral NVG.
In the game you havent, you need to equip them and due to the size and shape of the helmet it overlaps making an ugly glitch.
I think that a futuristic helmet like that must have NVG fully integrated.


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Dupe: #0013972

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I don't think so.

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Dr_Death What I want to have is NVG integrated in the Helmet, not in Hud. That's a different issue/request.

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I see nothing at night

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i mentioned it on the ticket, that most of the pilots dont use NVG, but they dont becuase the HUD is something you CAN see....

any news about that ?????

we really need this !

is just impossible de fly at night !

I disagree. Maybe a separate helmet with NVGs should be added, but the standard helmet should not have NVGs.

Personally I have no problem flying at night as long as the moon is bright enough. Maybe you guys should turn up your gamma?

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This would be sweet. The NVGs are way out of place on those helmets.

EDIT: Holy crap, these helmets are amazing! It's too bad they're just eye candy in A3.

I think the ACE 3 devs have it in for them simulating the DAS capabilities.