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Unable to exit Jets after belly landing
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I was playing around with crash landing crippled aircraft for a mission and managed to repeat land the A-143 Buzzard (AA) on a runway without undercarriage.

Once the aircraft has come to a stop the option to Get Out and to Eject both appear in the context menu but selecting them has no affect. {F21938} {F21939}


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Steps To Reproduce

place A-143 Buzzard in editor

ditch weapons

land with gear raised

attempt to escape using Eject or Get Out

Steps for the repro mission:

  1. Start the attached repro mission, do not touch the controls
  2. When you are teleported to the ground, wait until the engine is turned off
  3. Attempt to leave with the "Get out" or "Eject" options
Additional Information

If you somehow gain any amount of speed, you are able to eject. But not when you are static.

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indeed an annoying issue for experienced pilots. I did some extra research, and the same happens even if I turn the lights on and the engine off and vice-versa. Also happens with weapons attached. I tried to see if landing on different surfaces or landing in different orientations would work...I tried: Grass, Sand, Concrete, Water, Power lines, Trees, buildings,Docks, Upside down, backwards, etc...they either didn't work or promptly resulted in death.

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Just tested in Arma 2 to land with gear up and there wasn't even option to get out of eject after you turn off the engine. With engine on you can eject with parachute but not any other way. After eject when you got back the gear is suddenly down so this is related to that you can't get out without gear down. In Arma 3 there isn't any way to eject in the air :/
So seems like this is an old thing.

I've merged my ticket with your ticket and added the repro mission and repro steps for it.

Yesterday's dev-branch changelog:
Fixed: Player is now able to exit planes after belly landings

The gear rises automatically when the velocity is 0 so the player can get out.

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