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A-143 unable to take off in two ship formation from main Altis airbase
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If you make a mission where you have 2 A-143(CAS) take off from the runway, the 2nd (AI) will spawn somewhere far away, not on the place where you put it on the map.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open editor with Altis map.
  • place yourself in an A-143(CAS) on the left side of runway 04R
  • place an AI in an A-143(CAS) to your 8 o'clock @~15 meters. (RW 04L won't work either)
  • try to start the mission, the AI will be placed at your 4 o'clock 50 meters away

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change the item that says stay in formation or something like that. however, from there, it might try to turn around and get in formation

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The fix was to not set formation. (minor PEBKAC issue :/)