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Jets have very limited acceleration
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It's pretty hard to reach good speeds with a jet after taking off, it feels like the jets have low acceleration. The best way to play jets right now is spawning them in "Flying" mode, so that they spawn at about 600 to 800 kph.


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Spawn a jet in an airport and take off, try to go fast.

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No problems here.

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Impossible to control the Jet properly, I can see a huge difference since Arma 2. I can't fly up before I get into 350 mp/h.

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It flies as an arma2 SU25, 2 sharp turns and you have lost all speed. Please make the behaviour more like the SU34.

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The real jet can reach 930 km/h and fly at 15km altitude. Clearly this is not the case in ArmA 3. If this is the only jet in the game, at least make it behave more like a modern multirole (light) jet.

I can't check it right now (somebody do it for me please :) but i think it might be because I assumed that the acceleration key is binded to Q while it may just be like vehicles and E is the key for max acceleration.

The Buzzard in ArmA3:

Presented here:
"Turbo" key does not accelerate, instead it lowers the nose.
You have to continue holding Q (increase thrust) to get the afterburner.
The jet can get stuck in the ground sometimes, unable to move (currently being worked on).
Flaps provide a very small amount of lift, just enough for certain short field takeoffs around Altis.

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Thrust to weight ratio is waaaaay off.

The nose of the plane can't maintain level flight unless traveling 550 kts or higher.

Also carrier landing speed for a F-18 should be around 130 to 160 Kts at the most... Not 235 Kts.

Very disappointed.