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"Hold Fire"-Option for Autonomous HMG and GMG
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How about a "Hold Fire"-Option for Autonomous HMG and GMG?
example; you want to place an autonomous HMG on east side of an hostile compund u wanna attack, but dont want it to fire directly. You first want to move on with your team on the west side for the attack. Then you can switch to "Engage at will" for the autonomous so that the enemy is fired from east and also mainly pays attention to that direction. Meanwhile you and your team can engage the compund from west.


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100% true... there should be an Hold-Fire-Option...!

Many including I, do not know how to setup an autonomous static (HMG/GMG) emplacement.

Matter of fact, pairing the backpacks themselves can be extremely difficult due to the lack of descriptions.

Care to elaborate a little on how to setup and use an autonomous emplacement?