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A-143 will steer for no reason at all
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most of the times when taxiing only (in any airport) the A-143 seems to be steering for no reason at all at either left (rare) or Right side (most common for me).


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Did you unbind your mouse from vehicle movement?

i got this as-well though very slight

it happened to me as well on takeoff run , it went slightly to the right.

I had this as well, assumed it was my old joystick, guess not.

AD: i had the mouse to work with the ailerons only and some times as free camera, never to steer in-ground.

Trauma: i thought the same think, but then i deactivated my joystick (not unplugged) and it happened the same

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Not happened to me with or without a (digital) joystick. The only thing I would check is that there is only one analog source for movement. IE: No mouse + one or more joysticks.

i checked again with no joystick at all and not even touching the mouse, same thing happened, its more obvious if you take it off from an airport

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Same, it just slides to the right each time a little. No touch of movement or mouse or joystick(not plugged in). Just holding Q and it goes slightly right every time. Not to big of a deal, but annoying to correct constantly.