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CutRSC cannot be behind UI
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Using cutRsc to display a fullscreen image overlays the interface of the game, depending on the image making it impossible to see the Action Menu or the Weapon info hud. Providing a layer that is behind the UI to use with cutRsc would help avoid this. {F21862} {F21863}


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load included mission
  2. Use Display Goggles
  3. Look at your action menu or weapon hud they should be covered by the goggles overlay.
Additional Information - offers a layer option but setting it to negative doesn't display the RscPicture at all. - Seems to offer the negative layer option which says it would be displayed behind the UI.

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As of 22-12-2013, it still doesn't provide any sort of option to display custom RscDisplays behind the main UI to avoid obscuring the in game UI with a custom non interactive display.

Is there any update on this? I guess it won't make it into the next DLC patch due to content lock.

Any word on the progress made towards having this implemented?

I see this has been assigned for some time. Low on the priority queue?

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Revision: 151123
Added new bool parameter to cutRsc/cutText/cutObj

cutRsc/cutObj [class, effect, speed, showInMap, drawOverHUD]
cutText [class, effect, speed, showInMap, isStructuredText, drawOverHUD]
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