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Mirror Weapon Effect
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I was wondering why there isn't a "Mirroring" option to change to left handed mode, I think there are a lot of lefty players (like me) who wants to play on left handed mode.


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I think simple adding a mirror effect it's enought.

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I don't think is is really hard, just a mirror effect.

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Most weapons and equipments are not ambidextrous, and even if they are, they are not symmetric. So, just mirroring models, like in Counter Strike, is a pretty bad idea.

With that said, the left handed option with proper animations (and models, of case deflectors on rifles) will be cool.
They should make female characters, which is far easier to do, first, though.

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Try Ctrl+A.

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Unfortunately, it's not as simple as "mirroring". (According to the devs.)

Official word is: this is not going to happen. See #2548.