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Client crashes when dying with modded weapon in hands
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I made a Remington shotgun for A3.
But everytime I die with the weapon in hands, the client crashes with an appcrash.

I spoke with Mikero yesterday and he said that my requiredaddons[] = {}; where missing. I updated them, but the crash still occurs. {F21848}


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Steps To Reproduce

-Create a mission
-Create a Player, the Remington Ammo Box and 1 Enemy Unit
-Take the shotgun out of the Box
-Get killed by the enemy unit

Additional Information

I actually have no clue why this happens. I cleared the rpt file as far as I can understand. I cleared the log-file Binpbo creates as far as I can, but the CTD still occurs.

A test mission to reproduce the failure is included in the *.rar
Mod can be found here:
Please keep this mod private, since it is not for open release due to this bug.

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Just had a chat with Mikero. We went through the whole config and rpt files. No sign of mistakes on my side, so it has to be something inside the game engine.

(thanks Mikero!!!)

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Make sure the weapon has a proper geo lod.

Thanks mrflay. Didn't know that the parts of a gun must have a special name. ("ComponentX"). Therefore closed.