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Implement new AI control system
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A lot of headaches w/AI could be solved if BIS developed a AI control scheme similar to a real time strategy. Give us the option to assign waypoints to our AI as well as advanced commands like what stance to have at a waypoint, whether to be aware, combat ready, etc, standing/crouching/crawling, and more all from the map mode.

A similar comparison would be high command in Arma 2, but a lot more polished.

I don't see how this is a hard thing to implement and it would be a very useful feature.


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Seriously, some people voting against it that don't have the courage to say WHY they don't like the idea?

I'm with you on that one plus its a quicker system than going thru your # keys to find OFP-Style commands (hidden)

This GRRRREAT idea is implemented on the UAV Terminal for specifying waypoints and behavior

Id take that as a command module over the old-school OFP key-commands any day
... but overall this could also be left to the mod community to lighten the load on BIS since they are trying to wrap it up for final release.

I was thinking a feature such as this could be worked on after release.