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1)Some ladders, doors, crosswalks, and buildings are uninteractable, as well as some indoor structures are having doors and exc.that are unused.
2)LoD flicker (disappear) for leaves on trees and bushes. (on my i3, lower end comp)
3)constant crash and desync on MP (gamebreaking) even on loading screen (arma 3 not responding)
4)Northeast of Kavala is a fuel station, 50meters south of it is a junkyard with static (clay/rust/burnt) vehicles this area linked to lag? on (lowest possible settings)
5)Editor specifically states CARS but we have none. Change it to vehicle or propose using the clay/rust/burnt models?
6)People exit (the back of transport trucks) halfway through the ground very wierd debug animations (need more info)
7)Ladder at front of hospital inverted and glitched?(need more info and testing)
Reload option should be removed from the interactions list for it is cluttering and obviously needs to go(used for many things)
8)Reload option should be removed from the interactions list for it is cluttering and obviously needs to go(used for many things)
9)Refine controls for UAV grey hawk/fixed wings for 360 controllers/ map hotkeys for flaps and gear up and down? (remove them from interaction list to reduce clutter)
10)Bugged when using action or exc underwater or just before performing another action (use first aid and then quickly jump on a quad) (need test)
11)UAV/Radios cannot be controlled in editor to create set ranged for them like say i wanna make AR drone only go 5KM from me and lose connection.
12)UAV's cannot be flown by 2 players while my friend uses turret (or atleast a groupmate) (make it so u have to hard interact to connect to uav's maybe? (in person) (so people wont take control)
13)SDV's drown you and eyes get blurry sometimes even if u close hatch before diving
14)when giving a uav a command u can Ctrl+left click to give him multiple commands (patrol a circle) i can then give him other commands by clicking (but not a repeat function)
15)sometimes while say your sprinting and running at and angle? you then, cannot change position like crouch while in this motion(buggy) (need testing)
16)Remove weapon swaping from use interaction menu (cluttery for most mods) maybe bind keys for most things (even enter a vehicle on double "V"?)
17)several gunshot noises and crackly sound glitches sounds SouthEast (need testing) ambient noises
18)Being shot/killed while helo jumping and/or parachuting (OR FLIPPING UPSIDE DOWN) may crash dedicated server and/or all clients (needs testing)
19)Grey hawk/Fixed-winged aircraft need redfined in a (hull) manor as they have other things as landing gear,flap and instruments also?
20)UAV Darter should have a pistol or sub-machine gun version? just a thought
21)Hit boxes in certain places need smoothing, buildings edges i catch wierd stuff with bullets and grenades exc.

  1. A building on altis (industrial type) has 3 interconnecting and interactable doors (one for a man) and 2 seperate bay doors (all touching) the infantry doorway (for men) needs a serious smoothing i cannot walk through it

24)City and street lights, almost all lights need to be able to be destroyed and/or shot out (does not give off light) (understroyable sometimes not sure why/ i have shot some out)

One or two may be duplicates but feel these need to be addressed. Sorry if I am vague


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One or two may be duplicates? LOL One or two may NOT be duplicates.

Already reported:1,2,4,7,8,9,10,12,13(BTW, it's intended to do that),14,15,16,17,19,20(it didn't end very well),21,23,24.

Notes/comments on others:3)Report it separately.
5)What do you mean?
6)Unable to reproduce.
11)That's actually a pretty good idea. Make a separate ticket out of it.
18)Report it separately.

You forgot number 22.

Also, in the future please report only issue per ticket.

I hope that covered everything.

Noted AD2001, just wanted to state some problems, if they are already reported, then it is still an issue......I will make a separate ticket out of the issue/suggestion you thought I should. I did forget number 22 ill make a separate ticket out of it.

looked through a buncha pages only found like 3, (3,7,23) u should attach these correspondingly
13)SDV should have onboard air its a submarine.. in the future.. jeez

  1. if you go in the editor... spawn a guy.. select CARS (to spawn any wheeled vehicle like a pickup or quad) we dont have cars -_-... give us cars? you already have models for a sedan and a fuel tanker..

6)multiplayer try to watch someone ELSE do it not you.. cannot reproduce atm
11)just get a copy of this infront of devs to glance at please
18)be a chap and get to the big wigs? dont delete it?

  1. double tap "V" within 1M to enter vehicles?

too many issues and not enough time! altis is hea! i need to do more testing! sheesh =p
personally apologize, all in good intentions =)

This is not how to use a tracker. Please close and open separate tickets for each (that does not already exist, as mentioned by AD2011)

13 was already reported and the devs said that the hatches are just used to increase the speed, not to keep it dry inside.

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Lots of duplicates.

Please read the how-to-guide before posting.