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Nato diver in Csat SDV
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When you place, in the editor, a SDV from Csat there are always in the driver and gunner position diver with Nato skins. It doesn´t effect the gameplay. It´s only a optical proplem. {F21762} {F21763}


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Swimming and Diving
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Open the editor and compare the skins of a nato diver and the driver and gunner in the SDV from Csat. They are the same.

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Short: Wrong crew in the Csat SDV

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Can confirm. The default crew of the CSAT SDV wears NATO wetsuits.

I would like to add my 2 cents to this to see if it will make this issue more important since it has been like this since the beginning.

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Yes, this appears to be fixed. The only other thing I could see was that all the SDV CSAT divers are Caucasian.