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Rain is not interacting with evironment
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The new Rain looks really cool, but I think they should add one more thing:
It should interact with objects.
My idea are little raindrops on glass panes (especially in cars) and maybe some on your glasses. People who wear glasses know those ugly things :)
You would feel the rain around yourself way better and it would add a lot of atmosphere. If you think it's too annoying, they could have the drops only on vehicles, not on your glasses. And of course they should make it so that you can still see well what's going on around your car.
Furthermore, there shouldn't be rain in buildings...pretty obvious.
And maybe as a last thing little splashes under your foot. (maybe depending on whether it's dirt or a road)
If they implement all thins, rain could add so much variety to the gameplay because you can really feel how wet it is.

Have you looked at heavy rain in the night? Set Overcast to 100 and Time to 2am or so. The rain is really ugly. Just grey stripes on the screen, way to bright. You can't see raindrops at night as they fall from the sky. Please remove them when its too dark, but leave the sound in. To make the player aware of the rain, implement the footstep splash sound on wet ground, please!


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Place yourself in the editor, select intel tab and set Overcast to something like 70.
For bad rain at night, set time to 2am and overcast to 70 or more.

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Especially the drops on vehicles are the important part for me, as well as the rain during the night.

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+1 at least it should interact with the sea distorting water surface.

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Yes, that would be another cool feature!

It'd be nice with some environmental effects, like puddles of water. And rings, like:

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Related to #3481

Rain sure needs more emphasis in ARMA, just the filter effect doesn't convey much really.

I agree that the droplet effect on screen would be nice, seeing the droplets on screen, and also the weapon textures could also have a wet glint and water droplet textures too, and vehicle windshield would have the same effect, which in this case would also trigger wipers automatically (I do not want to be looking for a key for this), this will all be great immersion =P

Honestly I would just be happy if the player, vehicles, buildings, objects, ricks and plantlife etc all could have a wet look overall, as well as every object and surface. For players, this can happen over a period of a minute or two after the rain starts, the wet look can fade in, but for swimming, really only has to be applied as soon as animations switches to swimming animation, then voila. It doesn't have to a very in depth, and resource hungry effect at all. skip the fancy gimmicks, we dont really need them as we wont be paying attention to that level of detail, as long as the effect is there to satisfy logic, because currently, the current rain implimentation just feels very off and makes no logical sense.

This effect should easily be applied too. since vehicles and players have damage layers, create an additional layer for wet, and for muddy. Wet texture can be applied during rain, or when in water (swimming) and muddy can trigger during rain when kneeling (legs get muddy tex) or going prone (stomach, arms and face get muddy tex) or rolling (full body gets the muddy tex)... For vehicles, the same really, during rain the vehicle will get a wet with a specular glint, when vehicle drives in the rain for a min or so, it will turn into muddy texture where mud is likely to occur and gather on the vehicle. I am sure this should be totally do-able, but will just require some additional effort by artists.

Also to note, during rain, there shouldnt really be much dust kicked up from chopper downforce, or vehicles traveling on dirt, it should rather have minimal mud splatter kicking up. This could be majorly beneficial to those who can actually strategically use the rain to an advantage.

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There have been better "raindrop/ dirt effects" in Call of Duty 4! Please fix it!

this can help a bit, enjoy -> THUNDERBOLT Script by ALIAS