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Parachute should disappear if supply drop get stuck in trees
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Supply drop get stuck in trees and the parachute stays fully extended. Picture attached. {F21757}


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Order Supply drops in a forest.

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thats why you dont do supply drops in forests. clearings are the demanded location for that. Beam me up scotty!

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You are right. I should not request it in a forest, thats why I requested it on an open area but wind and random factors changed the landing area.

Its a minor problem of cosmetic nature. If the droping speed of a parachute is 0 than it should magically disappear or something better but not stand there open, fully in the wind, easy to recognize on top of the tree line.

I think its fine that the drop gets stuck, but the chute should disappear when this happens. If you change the description to match this, you might get some upvotes :)

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Thank you. Hope the title and the issue is now more clear.

Yep, have reversed my vote

a motionless fully inflated chute sticking out above the treetops does look rather ridiculous