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Lessen the Fatigue effect upon Walking/Crouching/Tactical Pace
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When patrolling an area, I will usually try to avoid sprinting and jogging so as to allow sprinting in case the area gets hot real quickly and I need cover. I have noticed however, that even walking, crouch walking, and tactical pace will affect fatigue just as quickly as jogging. I propose that Walking and the like allow you to preserve stamina for a longer period of time.


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  1. Go on patrol and walk/tactical pace
  2. Have enemies fire at your hide.
  3. Attempt to sprint
  4. Realize that you can't sprint until you sit on your butt for 5 minutes while your soldier has a heart attack.
  5. Die from a catharctic fit.
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This seems like it would make for a great improvise when it comes to people disliking the fatigue/stamina system. I, as an out of shape 16-year old. Can carry 10-15 lbs of schoolbooks and other supplies and go from walking to sprinting after walking for over a mile.

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Yes, its stupid to get so fatigued just walking or tactical pace.