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Surfaces Config
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No difference in surface configs between surfaces that should be very difficult to drive on, vs ones that are hardened, and or smoothed in material components.

A Hardened Clay/Mud Airfield should be relatively smooth in comparison to an unimproved farm field.
A unimproved field should be quite bumpy to drive over but have some level of traction reduction compared to the hardened clay/mud.

A sandy beach should have very poor traction and top speed considerations in comparison to an unimproved field and or a hardened clay runway.

All terrain types should not be equal for traction nor top speed considerations.

Example Videos (showing no diffrence in performance)
Hard Mud -
Sand/Beach -
Unimproved Field -


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Steps To Reproduce

Place any wheeled unit type.
Drive establish a top speed for unit.
Drive over different surface types.

Notice how Sand vs Mud vs Field and so forth have no difference in top speed nor traction, nor smoothness of traction/ride.

Additional Information


class CfgSurfaces
class Default {};
class grassSurface : Default

		 	files = "grass_*";
		 	rough = 0.2;
			 dust = 0.9;
			 soundEnviron = "grass";
			 character = "wl_grassdryClutter";
			soundHit = "soft_ground";


class beachSurface : Default

		 	files = "beach_*";
		 	rough = 0.4;
			 dust = 0.9;
			 soundEnviron = "beach";
			 character = "beachClutter";
			soundHit = "soft_ground";


The above is a very poor example and should not be used, but are features that exist in game at present that can be used to give different performance for vehicles in different environments.

Please. There is no reason to treat every surface as the same when the game supports identifying these surfaces in a different manner and performance model.

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It will be adjusted. Thanks for feedback.

We revised the values with our Encoding department and there is not much to adjust. Changing values would dramatically affect driving experience in bad way. Also existing time trial based missions would be corrupted due to slower speeds of individual surfaces.