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UAV (and other turrets) - Stabilize camera or lock ground
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What I see :
As a turret operator of the MQ4 drone, I'm unable to efficiently target something without doing a mouse-surf on my desk. The turret is only stabilized in 2 axes. It cannot lock or keep the same spot without moving with the aircraft.

This has become very annoying, since AI flies the aircraft in an unpredictable manner. The laser designator and multi-level zoom become useless without some kind of lock on ground or stabilization.

What it should be :
Any turret could have a ground-lock stabilization like the MQ-9 Reaper in ArmA 2. It could be particularly useful in fast-movers or helicopters for gun or laser aiming or simply observation.


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Steps To Reproduce

Use a Greyhawk or a Blackfoot as a gunner.
Assign a loiter waypoint.
Wait until the aircraft is circling around the target.
Make some space for your mouse.
Try to keep the waypoint in sight's crosshair.

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