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crosshairs dancing
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The crosshairs are moving too much when you're aiming, be it in prone, kneeled or standing position. Real life crosshairs don't even move that much.. Could you fix this issue?


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i'm afraid they wont fix this at all, they seem to think is perfectly ok to aim for a player. Instead of letting the player aim for himself, they just move your aim for you without your consent and think it's ok. Well I have been telling them for over a month, that it's wrong to move players crosshairs without consent. This is extremely disgusting engine behavior beyond words and comprehension and i expect a lawsuit regarding it


"People buy games to play games, not to have the game play for you."

Now I understand why they don't want to call it simulation but game with simulating elements, because they don't want to assume it. Good job bohemia, now you can go to party and drink more beers in Prague.

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It's called "weapon sway" and cases where it is too much have already been reported.