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Airport building lights are either off or very dim
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All airport buildings are very dark with most lights either off or very dim. It is very unrealistic to have an airfield with little or no lighting. Probably just needs a tweek. Runway lights are great now.


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I modified this ticket to include only airport building lights now that the runways look great.

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We did upgrade a marketlight technology, please check it in game.

Game version r. 112022

My fault. This issue should be split into 2. The first issue that of runway lights appears to have been fixed - thanks very much - looks great now. This issue was listed under a separate ticket and is now closed.

The second issue is there is no lighting inside airport buildings and control towers etc. That is the issue this ticket is highlighting. This is still an issue in latest dev 1.09 build.

Hi. The absence of interior lighting is intentional. The interiors of buildings in general are not supposed to be lit, given that most of the island has been abandoned.