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Chain link fences on Altis turn black when shot at certain places
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Shooting certain parts on some of the chain link fences near Altis will turn the entire fence part black. {F21699}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Drop a unit at 209179 on Altis.
  2. Shoot the metal pieces resting near the bottom of the fence.
  3. Watch as the fence turns black.
Additional Information

If it turns out to not be an issue with the structure itself, I have a 560 TI and am using Nvidia drivers version

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New screenshot from Altis. Grid 202103

All these fences turn black when damaged. Needs to be fixed asap.

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It's not just on Altis, happens on Stratis as well.

It's this particular type of fence that exhibits this bug. Shoot the bottom of the fence (the rubble) and it turns black.

BL1P added a comment.Oct 19 2013, 10:24 PM

this above is Correct.
As stated in the video.
shoot the bottom of the fence on the rubble or corrugated metal.
and the alpha becomes solid/ none transparent.