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AI ignores gunfire for several seconds
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Expected: AI in non-combat state will immediately spring into action when gunshots are heard. They will hear sonic cracks from rounds passing close by.

Observed: When shots are fired at any range, AI will remain motionless for 4-6 seconds, before suddenly becoming alert and active. Unless the bullets actually strike a team member, or impact right in front of their faces, they will downright ignore the gunfire until an arbitrary timer counts down. This makes them look incredibly stupid, robotic, and gives the player an unfair opportunity to make several shots on unaware targets. Furthermore, the AI do not respond to sonic cracks, only bullets hitting dirt or solid objects. This also privileges the player.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a single enemy rifleman in the editor, facing away from the player at 50-100m. Any range should work, however.

Fire a single shot into the air or ground.

Wait for the AI to become alarmed. This takes many seconds instead of occurring instantly.

Additional Information

This bug exists in ArmA 2 OA. It was fixed by ASR AI, developed by Robalo. Do yourselves a favor and ask him how he did it. He's posting every day now.

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