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Make AI use ladders
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I don't know if this has been asked before, but I would like to see the AI be able to use ladders to get inside buildings and to rooftops without being placed there in the editor, so far I have never seen this in any of the ArmA series.


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I remember the devs said they couldn't improve ladder animations because AI would then be unable to use ladders, which would mean AI can use ladders now.

Never seen AI use ladders unless scripted to do so, I would like to see them use ladders, spiral and straight stairs without scripting, when it is of advantage to them, or to get to an objective.

How about in the slightly broken in-built 3D editor there could be a third dimension to waypoints X,Y and Z.

oukej added a comment.Feb 3 2015, 5:08 PM

Hey and thanks for the report.

The AI should be able to use a ladder (except the ones from water) as long as it is on a path to desired location.

You can check it e.g. on the Stratis Radar dome or Solar Towers on Altis.

If you find a place where this would not apply, please let us know its coordinates.