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Enable FULL control over AI Turning out and Engine on/off and Weapon Selection
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1: Control over crewmembers turning in/out:
In most vehicles, when all members of the crew are turned out, the main turret will be locked forward. Commanding the gunnery while turned out for the commander becomes impossible.

In COMBAT and AWARE mode, AI should -never- turn out unless commanded to.

2: Control over Vehicle engine on/off
AI will turn engine on/off unpredictably. For reconaissance, to force the vehicles engine off you need to tell the driver to leave the vehicle. Realistically, in armored recon, you regularily hunker down, pop the hatches and turn the engine off to listen for enemy engine noise/track noise and gunfire.

An immediate ability to control the AI turning engine on/off

3: Control over selected Weapon: force AI to use weapon player wants.
AI will select the weapon they think is most appropriate to the target, even when it, for reasons of long foresight or other isn't.
One example is that AI will prefer using HE cannon over the MG against all infantry targets, to the point of not firing at all even when the Cannon is out of ammo.

When the player overrides ammo/weapon selection on the currently selected target, the AI should respect the choice until target is destroyed or unselected.

When selecting a Target, the AI should still automatically choose the weapon they think is most appropriate.


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Up voting as those are serious problems what cause player to fight against game rules.

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Furthermore, the driver should be able to turn out when the gunner and commander are buttoned up. This is a major problem with vehicle teamwork.

Crew should be able to turn out in any combination.

Agreed. These are all critical for vehicle commanding.

No response on this issue at all? It is still spoiling combat for vehicle commanders for all armored vehicles apart from Panther and Slammer.

Yesterday, I've also noticed that once an AI gunner runs out of ammo with main auto-cannon, he doesn't switch to other weapons (i.e. MG). He just stands there, not shooting anymore. Also, I've not received any warning of "Out of ammo" from the gunner NPC.

Making possible to manually order an AI unit to change weapon would be, in my opinion, a short term fix. On the long run, AI should change weapon by itself whenever he runs out of ammo when you specifically and manually order them to fire at a certain target.

To OP : Would be better next time to report multiple issues on individual reports. 1 issue per report makes everything much clearer and void situations where devs needs to comment an issue as a "partial fix".

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Little addition?
In combat mode, AI driver should not care that much about "neutral" units in his way, because of the following issue, happend to me yesterday.

8 man in APC with AI driver. Threat (RPG) from behind. AI driver refused "fast forward" command, because there was a civilian >>NEAR<< the APC. He actually could drive forward without hitting the civilian but I think the way calculation failed...
-> 8 man + APC down (civilian too).