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freelook with scope
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character can freelook while looking thru the scope, which should not be real unless a soldier detaches the scope in order to use it as a periscope.
the realistic way would be for the scope to stay in line with the weapon and the vision can look freely.


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in any position pull out the rifle with a scope attached and aim it. then press and hold left "ALT" and move the mouse, you can see how the scope moves with the vision but as soon as you release "alt" it will jump back to center. meaning the soldier was only looking around.

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It is not the scope that moves, you can move the weapon in the shoulder without turning your body.

However, I support the real 3D scope idea of turning your head with a weapon in the ready (regardless of optical or open sight).

But the weapon has to be on the left/right side not in the center, as you would not want your chin to be on the buttstock.

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Duplicate of #10373.