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Make headlights stronger
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With the new physics engine and the realistic breaking distances it became very hard to see where you are driving, especially at high speeds in a dark night.

Without the help of a NVG you are forced to slow down dramatically in order to avoid obstacles on the road or even stay on the road. This is especially dangerous when you have to get out of a zone quickly, eg. in an ambush.


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Drive around in a overcast night with speeds > 80-90 km/h.

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I'd like to have at least stronger lights on vehicles.
Even better would be to have, additionally to the normal lights, stronger headlights which could be cycled through with L, or turned on seperatly with a key-combo like Strg+L.

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Have you driven a car in the dark? It's pretty much what you wrote in your description

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Yes I have. But in reality you have your headlights, which enable you to watch further out and thus drive faster safely.
Maybe it's not as much of a problem on Stratis, where you have only gravel roads on which you can't really drive that fast anyway.

But I imagine on long, paved roads on Altis it'll be much more of a problem to see obstacles, or sudden direction-changes of the road in time when you're driving faster.

Just tried it.. We definitely need high beam headlights. As of now, the range of low beam that good for cities, just too short for safe driving on a highway.

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For high beam headlights have a look at #12808 (and vote)