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UAV Terminal unable to disconnect from destroyed MQ4A Greyhawk
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If you're controlling an MQ4A greyhawk through the UAV terminal, once the UAV is destroyed, you will be unable to connect to any more UAVs (other greyhawks, stompers, even a Darter which you may have just deployed) It seems like this might be because the UAV terminal is somehow still connected to the Greyhawk.


Legacy ID
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a UAV operator and a Greyhawk in the editor, along with another UAV/UGV.
  2. Connect the UAV operator's UAV terminal to the greyhawk.
  3. Destroy the greyhawk.
  4. Attempt to connect your UAV terminal to another friendly UAV
Additional Information

May be linked to bugs such as #0013152 causing the player to be set to an enemy after a greyhawk is destroyed by any means. This could be locking them out of using what used to be friendly UAVs/UGVs.

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Friendly units thought that you are an enemy and didn't allow you to take control over them. Closing as a duplicate, same issue is here: