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Armored vehicles need a vector indicator like in ArmA 2
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It is incredibly difficult to operate an armored vehicle with other players right now.
The commander is almost completely useless because he cannot tell the gunner "There is enemy infantry at 132 degrees" for example.
Why? Because there is only a distance indicator on screen (the distance from your vehicle to where you are aiming the crosshair) but no azimuth indicator anywhere on screen.

All crew of all armored vehicles should have this, like they did in ArmA 2 so that crews can work together to tell eachother where to look, where to drive, where to shoot, etc.


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Upvoted. HUD should be improved

They updated it a few days ago on the Dev branch.
It still isn't perfect but adds to the Marid and Marshall a compass/radar like the Panther.

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Oh I see, and I just noticed there is now an actual specific degree-indicator on the compass as well now, cool =D

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So, we have it but it is broken atm. Shall we make a ticket for this or do the devs know? Known issues doesn't list it.