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Switch Team does not work
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Eighty percent of the time, I will die and try to switch teams. It lets me click the button, but it does not open the menu. For a fraction of a second it goes into first person view of the player I just died with. It will usually not let me change teams in-game either. It just causes the HUD to go away and shows the cursor for a split second, then everything returns as it was before.


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It happens almost every time. I go into editor and play my mission. I am either killed or want to change side. When i'm killed I hit switch team on the death screen. It does not work. In-game, I hit "U" to switch teams, and it also doesn't work.

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Every once in a while it will work as it should.

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Unable to reproduce. Team switch works for me in the editor and in downloaded missions.

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I've had this happen but only when there was one unit left alive. I could not change to that last unit from the menu as you describe.

Now that I think of it, I only had one unit left also. It happened all the time becuase I had 3 playables, and I usually switched late in battle leaving the other one dead and one left. That would also explain why it sometimes worked. Thanks EDcase.