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Cannot respond to group radio message "what's your position"
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If you are the leader of a group and you are far away from the rest of your group, when they use the radio message "What's your position" the status option 5 "Report Status" is always greyed out.

I remember when this used to work in ArmA 1, your player unit would be able to respond with a radio message giving the players position automatically when you clicked 5 "Report Status".

Also your group will still find the player unit even if they have to cross the entire island if you leave it long enough.


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Place player and other group units in the editor close to each other so they form a group, make the player unit a higher rank and leave the other units on private, make special "None" on all units, then drag the player unit far away from the rest of the group and start the mission.

When one of the group Radios "What's your position", you will be able to use 5 "Status" but then 5 "Report Status" on the next menu is always greyed out.

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It would be nice to have this fixed so that when the player unit responds to his group giving his position, then the group can rejoin him.

This is more realistic than the group going directly to the player unit wherever he is, even though they should not know his location.

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ArmA III version

Still cannot respond with location of player when member of players group calls "whats your position", also they still find you wherever you are on the map.

Not realistic.

I think this was removed to prevent an exploit of knowing your position without GPS. More realistic as it is, actually.

you should be able to report your coordinates if you have a map...

so if someone asks report in you should have a choice between reporting your coordinates (by the press of a button) or just a manual response.

In SP it is especially annoying when your leader keeps asking: report in... but you have no way of telling him something.
The first option i mentioned should be able to make him shut up.

you should be able to report your coordinates if you have a map...

Yes, YOU should be able to report, not a magic button instead of you.

Currently a large portion of realism play (without GPS) is map orientation - where you have to remember where you was and where you were going to determine your position. If the player would be able to arbitrarily say his position in chat, it will be an instant GPS cheat.

I agree with you in principle - that those requests without response are annoying - but that will be a tradeoff between a small feature and a huge exploit.

There are missions and events where this is actually played on (example: Russian WoG)


it really depends in which difficulty mode you are i think. It's about consistency as far as i'm concerned. If you have a map where you can see your own position (not possible in real life) then a button with automatic coordinates should be used to report in. This is about consistency.

If you disable the option to see yourself and rest of players on map etc... then you shouldn't be able to automaticly send your coordinates.

There are lot's of things that aren't realistic but in easier modes they are allowed so i see no valid reason to disallow automatic report coordinates in the easier modes. It's about accesability to the game, userfriendly, consistency etc...

I am an hardcore sim fan myself but it's gotta stay logical. Now it isn't.
What we have now is utterly pointless. Or remove the AI requests to report in or implement something so that we can awnser to these requests.

Well, what sense is there in adding this button if half of the players (those playing on Elite) will not be able to use it? :) And what sense it is to break the huge part of the game for those players by enabling this "by default"?

Example: there's a nice mission in Steam Workshop about downed pilot - player doesn't have GPS, so it's all about navigating "by hand" first alone, then with team members. Adding such button will break the gameplay in this mission immediately (if playing on Elite/Veteran, that is)