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AI Buried on ground
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A picture doesn't need text lines :)

I could forgive an amount of buried AI due to balance on grass render distance problem (until a REAL solution could have been found..)..but idk..what i see in the picture seems 2 much :/


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Yeap, upvoted. Seems that is an early engine related issue not yet solved. Happens in very long distance.

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I have once seen a player who was standing up and sprinting, around 600 meters away from me, and only around 2-3 centimeters of his head were visible. I don't remember grass that big on Stratis.

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I think the issue you described is the result of the old "sink-in-the-ground"-grass simulation and the reduced terrain geometry at longer distances.

Two things that are hopefully high up on the to-do-list of the devs.

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If you have terrain set to LOW then the ground height is much less accurate.

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