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AMD HD7870 Vsync problem
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AMD HD7870 Vsync problem

Enabling vsync in game FPS are limited correctly according to my monitor refresh (60hz) removing the tearing correctly, but the FPS intermediates are skipped directly from 60 to 30 and vice versa, I conclude therefore that the triple-buffering is not activated automatically.

So I did some testing, I created a specific profile in Catalyst trying Arma3 with any combination of vsync and triple buffering, but the game ignores any setting from the driver, and as we all know the triplebuffering in driver is specific for openGL not for DirectX. I also tried to force the triplebuffering with RadeonPro, but probably this program is not yet compatible and the game crashes at startup, in any case.

I am currently using the latest beta driver 13.8 beta2, but anything specific for Arma3 at the moment, so i don't think would be difference trying other versions, in other games I don't have this problem, even in BF3 which is dx11.


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Simply turn on and turning off vsync in a scene that would render intermediate frames, such as 45fps, with vsync become active 30.

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When I start the game in full screen I have this problem, but if I go to the desktop and return to the game (alt + tab), the vsync starts to function properly, starting the game directly in the window mode the vsync works properly from the start, I believe that the problem is in fullscreen with windows 8, because I noticed that in full screen changes the maximum frequency, this also happens in other games, rather than 60hz recognizes 59.94Hz, I think the problem start from this situation, I am aware that on windows 7 this does not happen, I do not know if it is a problem of windows 8 or by AMD drivers, or if for some reason it is rightly so. But I think you should find a permanent solution.

Set game in "Full screen windows" and the game start with vsync working properly, it is a temporary solution.

So there is hope that V sync would not anymore cutting frames??

But..i think (not entirely sure) that V sync affects mouse lag too..

update: I have the same problem with windows 7 and geforce 550ti

I have screen tearing at any FPS using a GTX 670 that occurs even when FPS is below the monitors refresh rate. Strange.

finally having solved the problem of compatibility between steam - sweetfx - msi afterburner and radenpro I managed to get them to get along with the correct parameters, now I did some testing with the with RadeonPro, if in game is enabled the vsync and enabled the option you see in the image below that resolves the problem of vsync, and it working properly since the first start in fullscreen mode, I think you should analyze how an external program fix the problem by integrating the solution directly in the game.