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Uniform flag patches
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Factions should have a mixture of different national flag patches, not just a US flag, or CSAT (whatever their flag is in game, I can't remember). Also the US flag, and probably other nations flags as well, should only be worn on the right shoulder...


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Just in case anyone is wondering about why the US flag is only on the right shoulder, or why the flag appears backwards (It IS correct in game), here is a link with a little info.

"Why is the U.S. flag worn "backwards" on the uniform?"

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National flags should be assigned to known XMLs

Or alternatively, a hiddenSelection.

"Also the US flag, and probably other nations flags as well, should only be worn on the right shoulder"

This is only a convention in the US Army.

AFAIK USAF, USMC and US Navy personnel wear the flag on the left shoulder, though only aviators seem to wear flag patches regularly. I've seen pics of US SOF blokes with flags on both arms though (not sure what branch they were).

Other armed forces and nations have their own regulations. In the UK, the Union Flag patch is supposed to be sewn on the left shoulder in PCS and the old CS95 uniforms. The Netherlands, Canada and France seem to use the left shoulder for their flag patches too IIRC. German and Polish soldiers wear flags on both shoulders

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...or, how about removing the US flag?

Be better if they made them both additional hiddenselections, so we you can do the following:

*this setobjecttexture [0,"texture1.paa"] change the uniform texture
*this setobjecttexture [1,"texture2.paa"]
sets the flag on the right arm
*this setobjecttexture [2,""] //clears the flag texture on the left arm

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That would be neat, kind of like what WOT did, wear your own countries (or whoever you want) flag on the character you take control.

Yes, please consider to put the flags on either the right, the left or both shoulders at the player's option and please do it on all garments: T-shirts, overshirts, jackets, pilots' and tankers' coveralls, wet suits, etc.

It would also be good to show the squadXML on the uniforms as in the previous ArmA game.

It would make sense to have a variety of flags for the BLUFOR, because the faction is NATO, not America.

I really dont understand why AAF(INDP) flag is replicated on the left(I can understand the US flag). Its stupid and should be changed back to way it was before, so that we(modders) can use different flag/patch on each sleeve!

da12thMonkey, thank you for that. I don't know much at all about other nations military, and the extra information you added was interesting. I'm far from an expert on anything military, and only know about the US Army uniforms from a friend that was in the army. What I would actually like to see is a mixture of flags for NATO and CSAT both, in the stock game. Every game I've seen in the last few years has always had US forces as the primary friendly force. I realize most of these games are probably being made in the US, but the US military isn't alone. Other countries soldiers have fought, and died, right beside our own US troops, but they rarely get the spotlight the way the US does. I think it would be a nice change.

This may well be one for the modding community afterall. I realize a change like this for the stock game might require resources unavailable to BI this close to release, as most of their staff are working on other, more important aspects of the game at the moment. But maybe even adding it in a future update would be nice, and much appreciated by the Arma 3 family.

Also, and don't beat me up over this, but I just noticed tonight, the flag on the uniforms are on both sides. I don't know if I just missed that before, or if it was done in an update sometime since my original post lol

To add to this, there seems to only be American voices to choose from when customizing your character, why no Brits or any other NATO country?

i wanna put Jamaica flag on my uniform! :)