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SetObjectTexture is Suddenly Not Removing Sleeve Flags
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I've made some custom uniforms with the setobjecttexture. Trouble is, in the Dev Build, the default unit flags are showing on top of the custom texture. Things were okay a few days ago. Not sure what's changed.


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Set a plain white .paa as a unit's setobjecttexture in the Dev build and notice that the default sleeve/shoulder flags appear on top of the texture.

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Ah, I can see what's happening now, I think. It appears the upper right shoulder sleeve is being replicated on the left.

I really dont understand why AAF(INDP) flag is replicated on the left. Its stupid and should be changed back to way it was before, so that we(modders) can use different flag/patch on each sleeve!

Yes - I think a lot of us would prefer it the old way. I don't think it's military convention to have the flag on both sleeves (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know this for certain!)

The blufor flag is in the _as and _smdi texture maps as well as the _co texture map thats why it is showing up. The rolled sleeve AAF model appears to have geometry on the left shoulder ready for a hiddenSelection although its currently half buried in the model.

Does that mean it's fixable?

For blufor yes, you can edit the texture maps and use the new setObjectMaterial command, but there is a bug that causes the wound textures to break.

Ah, I see. But this new command's no good for AAF?