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Hunter MK19 No Impact Registered past 1000m
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When you zoom in the thermal sight and adjust the zeroing past 1km, there are no impacts of rounds. Tried to shoot at friend on a hill 1km from platform to test and he reported no impacts and no damage.


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position MK19 truck on airstrip, enter as gunner, aim at hill due north, zoom in, adjust zeroing to 1km

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MK19 truck? What is it?
Are you using any Mods?

You should check your viewdistances.

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Hunter GMG (Nato)
No Mods; Vanilla Load

View distance set for high performance (well past 1km)

I just tried this again. Set up a course and will modify my input. The zeroing is off by about 200-300m

I hit a point target at 800m with zero set to 800. I hit a point target at 900m with zero set to 900. At 1km the round impacts at the 900m target. at 1100m the round impacts beyond the target (When we did it yesterday we didn't realize that the rounds were impacting past the target so far when you account for the change in elevation it was almost 1km beyond the ridge the target was on

I'm not sure if that is intentional to loose accuracy at those distances, but the max range on an american MK19 is ~1500-1600m depending on the stability of the platform (less on a truck, more on a bipod).

I replicated the same test with the Hunter HMG truck (Nato) and the round and tracer impacts were just about what I'd expect; nearly spot on but with a good impact dispersion cone).

It could be an elevation change thing since I was shooting uphill, but you usually don't see variances like that unless you are at super elevation of the weapon, or are firing at an area target past 2km.

Maybe a small adjustment to the accuracy of the sights would lessen the overdone effect and bring the point range nearer to reality.