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3D Night Vision goggles / Binoculars
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Like the new 3D Scopes on weapons, why not make the game even more immersive and change the way Night Vision and Binoculars are shown and used.

Making the Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars a 3D scope view would add another level of immersion, and a make this game another step ahead of previous titles in the series.

Please, do this. {F21524}


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Put on NVGs or Binoculars, black cut out screen. Make them 3D!

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Not only would these be awesome, it would show the advancements over previous games.

Screen shot added to show the NVG's aren't directly pushed into the face. Even if they were, I'd still like to see the NVGs get a 3D tunnel type scope. Instead of the black cut out we have now.

Added a second screenshot to CONCEPT the idea, instead of a two eye piece NVG (since that would be hard to concentrate on looking at a PC screen.) Make it a one piece wide screen(ish) 3D goggle.

It is the future after all, why not? Same goes for the 1960s binoculars.

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Aren't NVGs like put directly to your face?

Not fully no. Even if they were, I'd still suggest to some how '3D afie' them lol. Tunnel it out, and get rid of that black cut out we have now.

I think the black cut-out is okay for both binoculars and NVGs.

Well AD2001.... Not to be rude, but its been there since 2001, It would be nice to see it change. Especially now that the engine can actually do 3D optics, and PiP.

+1. Need to change this horrible screen since a long time now, but something realistic.

nice idea , agree too !

This would definitely be an upgrade as OFP, A2 and OA all had the same optics.

Ive previously reported this as feedback and a mod here quickly said no and closed it. Nice to see this one not shut down instantly.

The most important thing about NVG, although I fully support this idea, is that IT NEEDS TO HAVE A GRAINY FILTER on it. This crystal clear NVG thing is silly and grossly unrealistic.