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AI turning vehicle lights on while you exit the vehicle..
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..and set someone else as driveror leave a commandergunner in vehicle position.
I understand (maybe) that some vehicles (maybe again) need to turn engine on
for their systems to work..but this shouldn't affect the AI's action to turn lights on.

Even in case AI doesn't have NVG's (rarely) the action to "turn lights onoff" must remain in Team-leader'sSquad-leader's discretion

*I will prefer to name this as "bug" than a "Feature"
..and it's ancient as Acropolis in Arma-verse :)


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1)Put mission night time (for easy viewing)
2)Order a friendly AI to get-in a vehicle as driver


Drive somewhere with lights off/get out and set a friendly AI (from back) to take Driver position.

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I noticed it too. It does not even has to be night time, at 18:30 (more or less) the AI already does that (still pretty light).

I really can't remember any ArmA game who hasn't this problem.
I hope this time they will fix it :/

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Duplicate of #7370