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After Changing Stance in Stance Adjustment, Player Should Return to Default Position after moving
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Pretty much what's in the summary.
I find it kind of a time waster having to press CTRL+D or A just to get back into normal stance even after I moved (Considering you return to default stance while you're walking/running).
Should only happen after the player moves more than a few meters.


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But you can move in these positions and would defeat the purpose of having those stances in the first place. Why would you want to put your self behind a low rock as cover and then when you move POP your head up to get it shot off. I was wondering if you just wanted to see your character in the "POSE" and then what, OK go. I'm sorry to say it but its an absurd request.

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I think the OP is talking about the side-stepping positions. If that's the case, upvoted., if not, please tell me.

@AD But even those positions have a tactical purpose and you can move in those stances.

What is wrong with pressing the button again ?

Thinking for a second, it would be practical to have a key to map as default stance, like a centre head key, instead of having to go all the way back through the stances.

Upvoted ONLY for sidesteps/ctrl+A ctrl+D

Implementing the ticket as it is will be harmful, because sometimes you need to move slightly while staying in adjusted position (see "slicing the pie" technique).

I think, stance should reset, BUT only for movement in tactical pace (with lowered weapon) and for sprinting. Sometimes you just need to abandon current position and run. In this situation, having the player stay with his adjusted position is harmful.

So, we have two types of movement:

  • Firing position movements - when you adjust your stances and/or position, while remaining ready to fire. For this type adjusted stance should be preserved
  • Position change - for this type adjusted stance would be harmful.

On a side note, for those of you wanting more control over all the stances I recommend to remap the keys as follows:
1.Z = Prone (NOT toggle)
2.X = Crouch (NOT toggle)
3.C = Stand (NOT toggle)
This way, when pressing Z/X/C you will end up in a desired default stance with no adjustments.

Yes Darkwanderer has solved the problem.

If this shit gets implemented I will gain the power of Thor and kill you all.

And if it gets implemented without an option to toggle it, I'll kill all your ancestors too.

Fuck stupid suggestions.