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extend the drone controls
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the controls for the drones should be extended

flyin height userdefined in m and/or feet
flyin speed (slow, normal, fast, or userdefined in km/h and/or m/h)
userdefined loiter circles or overwatch areas

heli and drone should be linked (control drone from attack heli)
in turret control you should fire the missiles from the linked heli

link the drone camera to your heli monitors

and why not (future setting) give every attack heli, tank, etc. a own
flying drone for enlightenment the combat situation

i think the drone should nothing do before you press a ok button
(first do all settings, then after press ok drone starts following
your orders)


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I agree with everything you say, except giving vehicles their own drone.

in arma 2 we had the option to control a drone with the apache heli in a official mission,
dont know why this feature isnt implemented in arma 3