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Vehicle tires are VERY sensetive
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The tires of vehicles like the Off-road Truck and ATV burst too easily when hitting environment objects ( Trees / Rocks ) or even building walls at low speeds.


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I completely agree with this. this needs to be changed, especially for the combat cars, Hunter, Ifrit, etc.

To reproduce, assign a Hunter a few realistic waypoints on a road course, including a town or two, and let it cycle through them. Before you know it the Hunter is limping with one damaged tire or even completely stuck and the crew have abandoned it.

Please fix this!

At really low speed, civilian truck tires will knock down a small wire fence with no problem. However, at extremely high speed, the same tires will ALWAYS go flat. 100% of the time. Odd.

Yes, I agree. The tires are way too WIMPY, WIMPY, WIMPY.