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Zooming in, by using any type of optics, should move the camera closer to the location u're looking at.
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As of right now, if u use for instance binoculars, the game will simply zoom in, instead of actually moving the camera closer to what u're looking at. Now in most cases, this is not a problem, but when u combine a Heli gunner and Arma3s technology for "sinking object into the ground at a distance" u've a problem.
Simply, if u're trying to kill a vehicle from 1,5km+ away, u can't see the vehicle as the ground devours them. However, if the camera would simply be moved closer to the location u're aiming at, instead of just zooming in, then this wouldn't be a problem at all.


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Spawn a flying heli, play as the gunner, spawn 1+ vehicles about 1,5km+ away (Be sure that there is nothing else blocking the view. Use the gunners optic and zoom in. Even if u clearly can see the ground the vehicle will be consumed by it.

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I couldn't directly upload a picture, so had to use ImageShack.
Bassically the left side of the picture shows how it's right now, zomming in, and the vehicles starts to get consumed by the ground.
On the right side, I moved the heli (Camera) closer, and the results are much better.

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Yes yes yes!
Long time problem.Fixing that we can actually have proper satellite surveillance/proper weapon systems that involve cameras/optic systems

If you move the camera then obstacles between you cannot obscure your vision. I'd acknowledge there's a bit of an issue, but shifting the camera isn't the solution.

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"you" is it so hard to write "you" ?

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That's true, didn't thought of that, well maybe they can fix it so if u Zoom in it'll at least render the landscape as if u would be closer.