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High Fps in Singleplayer, Low Fps in Multiplayer?
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When i play the scenarios or challenges or just sit and stare at the main screen my Fps is usually around 40-60 but when i join a multiplayer server my frames decide to drop down to 4-10 and if im lucky it can get to 15. is there any reason for this?


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My Graphics card is a Nvidia GT 630
When i check my CPU usage on task manager it never goes above 70%

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the reason your fps drops in multiplayer primarily has to do with the Arma3 engine has to be rebuilt. The only solution they have been offering so far to reduce fps drops in multiplayer is degrade visual detail. Take for instance thew bullets decals when you shoot a wall. then walk up and look at your bullet holes. Looks pretty cheezey huh? that's arma 3 optimization for ya. Much more of that and we are gonna be left with 5 year old graphics. So thats why i say the engine needs rebuilt. It's true

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Performance of multiplayer is horrible and then arma 3 comes like MINI SIMULATOR.If you set real deal like 100 players game is over before start. Or you can play it on Super computer!(3% of world population have access to this computers) Engine need to be redone

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