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Sniper scopes backup sight have opticsPPEffects enabled
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When using the backup ironsights on top of the SOS or DMS sniper scope, you still get the optics effects at the edges of the screen.
The ironsights class is inheriting them from the main scope and needs opticsPPEffects[] = {""}; added to it. {F21510} {F21511}


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-equip a weapon with SOS scope
-switch to backup sight
-aim/don't aim
-look at edges of the screen

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The same happens with the new DMS optic, added screenshots

Also affects the Nightstalker optic.

Thanks a lot for letting us know, it should be fixed and the fix should be available in the development branch tomorrow. Could You, please, confirm it and close this issue?

Can't confirm the fix. Still broken in 126027.

Still broken in 126046.

I can confirm the fix, even if a bit late. Forgot about the ticket as I made a small addon for myself...

Thanks a lot for confirmation, I hope it helps