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Panther can´t pop smoke - the model suggests it can
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The model of the Panther suggests that it can fire smoke shells to hide itself from hostiles and to aid friendly infantry that may be around the Panther, but in practice it can not fire any smoke.

As this APC is already somewhat limited with it´s low amount of explosive rounds it would be nice to have the extra feature to pop smoke. It will also make more sense to the visual appearance of the panther.


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Look at the model and see that there are ´tubes´ that suggests it can pop out smoke grenades/shells.

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Have you tried going into the commander's seat?

Its possible from the commander seat

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Nope I haven´t. IF it is possible through the commander seat that would be annoying cos you would have to change seats just to pop smoke. it should be possible in the gunner seat. (who in arma actually uses the commander seat?)

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Ummm, the commander I guess? Arma is mainly a multiplayer game, so yeaah... a commander

Ok, it indeed works in the commander seat. The commander seat can´t do anything other then pop smoke. It has no MG gun it can fire!

And @ Mldri, I am using a MP mission with 2 AI units playing the role as commander and gunner (though I have to switch to gunner seat often, because AI is blind as a bat)... and as a commander giving the AI driver the commands to move forward/left/right is undoable so as a player you basically have to drive and when you have contact switch to the gunner seat. You would be right if there would be 3 players inside the Panther, so again.. that rarely happens.

And edit to add, that arma is just as much a single player game... all depends on the mission makers.