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UGV´s dont turn out the light!
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The UGV´s dont turn out the lights. You cant turn off the lights by script. You can turn of the lights, while "take control" and in the "Driverseat". But if you turned out the light and exit the UGV, the AI turn on the light again.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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Set time for example 2am. Set down an UGV. Set down an UAV-Operator. Connect to UGV. "Take Control". Turn out the light. Exit the Drone and see, the AI turn the lights back on.

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Also in Multyplayer, if the UGV is not local on your machine (i.e. when you are not playing on the server), you can't turn off the lights even if you are controlling the drone. It switches the lights back on immideately.

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