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Darter goes auotonomous after manual landing and shutoff of engines. Feature - Engine off should be a kill switch and reset.
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If you use the Darter manually and use some way points at the same time, once you land and shut off the engine then release control with intent to disassemble it, it will go back into autonomous mode and take off - usually before you have an opportunity to disassemble. If you manage to disassemble on reassembly the Darter will spawn at the same power levels it was when disassembled. This creates an issue where the Darter will shoot up into the air quickly and try to follow old way points.
My suggestion is once the UAV has landed, engine shut off and terminal release it should act as a kill switch and a default reset of any preexisting way points.
This shouldn't effect a UAV that is just released allowing it to continue autonomous procedures.


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Unpack Darter, connect terminal set a way point or take manual control then release and set a way point. Take manual control to land and then shut off and release the UAV. It will attempt to go autonomous, if you can do it quickly you can recover it back into your backpack. Once recovered reassemble and watch it take off (already powered up) for the old way point.

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I think this feature should be employed to the Greyhawk as well as it will attempt to do the same.
Don't think this should work for the wheeled UV's as they should stay in autonomous mode - maybe a separate kill switch command?

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As soon the UAV reached the waypoint you set, you'll be able to control it fully. I believe the only problem is, that you cannot cancel the waypoint.

It should probably cancel the waypoint too, as soon you take control of the UAV.

I manually cancelled the only waypoint, landed, and then it took off again. To where? I guess the old now invisible waypoint, but who knows?

Yes, that's exactly the problem. A reset of all waypoints and engine status would clear up a great deal of issues.

So I said alright I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my day off and try this mission again, but this time I won't screw up the UAV with any waypoints at all - I'll do everything manually... So I play for 15 minutes, start running low on fuel so land the UAV. What do my eyes behold? The thing starts taking off again. Playing and scripting for this shit is as productive and enjoyable as rubbing my genitals against a cheese grater.

mepwaygame, is this in stable or dev build?

For me in dev build it seems to be more reliable.

I was on 'stable' as it turns out....

I updated to dev build and tried messing with the UAV again, thinking now that Fireball showed me the noobness of my ways things would go better. I landed, turned off engine, switched to turret to keep an eye on things, and it took off. Well at least I was emotionally prepared this time, and only cried a little.

So I played a mission tonight with a small group of 5 guys with AI with us and against us. We had a UGV with us that was armed, I took control of it and moved it up to a hill and just placed its weapon so it was able to shoot with out being over exposed. I take control of the turret and open up with some grenades. A few seconds later the UGV starts to move out of cover and to the left, moving away from the targets??? Why hasn't something like this been fixed yet, I had no waypoints set at all but it still went autonomous and drove off. This effectively makes UAV's of any type nearly useless. It also turns its lights on and you are unable to switch them off if its dark, so much for stealth and avoiding detection. BI can you please do something about the UAV's and their auto AI features.